Best 12 Tips for the Content Marketer

To engage any consumer & draw the attention of right audience “Content Marketing” plays an important role. Many of Mobile Application Development Companies in India is now working hard to stand out as its best with its Digital Content.

With large amount of content being written every day, there has been a rise in the number of plagiarism cases taking place online. This, in turn, has ushered in business owners and SEO executives landing upon no man’s land, disturbing their content marketing strategy, and hence the website as well as business reputation.

According to the researcher statistics, 70% of all B2B marketers frequently write the online content; though, 54% of all fails to produce content that is engaging enough. To help out such digital marketers and professional SEO executives, we have gathered content marketing tips that will develop them a better online marketer:

1. Try not to write the long headlines and titles. Small & smart titles work well conveying a message more successfully.

2. To get in touch with the industry experts, direct customers or subscribers do start with Email Marketing.

3. Do have the habit of adding the back links to the websites of the industry experts and influencers within your content. This will allow them to take a note of your content and perhaps will do the same by referring you to their content.

4. Write the content & share it with social sharing buttons. This makes it quite simple for others to share your content also.

5. Instead of blogging constantly, do focus on writing the blogs periodically. This conveys more value and audience to your content.

6. To new customers do send out handwritten thank you cards. In 70% cases, such cards get shared on social media, growing your brand awareness largely.

7. Involve yourself in writing the Guest Blogs. It is all about writing qualitative content on top authority sites, with a link back to your site, leading to a personal brand authority building.

8. Rich images and videos in your content can help hold readers’ attention and also will help to convey the message as well. So don’t forget to include impressive images & Videos in your content before marketing it!

9. From the very beginning make sure that you are using the right tools in the Content Marketing. At last it’s not about the number of tools but rather the choice of the right tools suited for your business.

10. To make an effective content it’s not about focusing on the Quantity. Try to aim for writing the qualitative content. Do not write content just for sake of writing.

11. Give a preference to “.com domain rather than .org, .net, or similar others”. When you stare at top ranking websites, as their domain extension they have used .com.

12. Say no more to the short posts. In order to gain real search engine value out of your content better opt for posts over 1000 words.


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