Best 3 Tips to write ‘A Good Mobile App Development Proposal’

In the sales process, Mobile app developers at some stage needed to write down their offering. But do you know why it is important so? It’s significant because it combines the technical and commercial aspects together of the app development project and also helps set client expectations from the outset. Such idea of proposal is one of the best ways to show-off your track record and also behaves like ‘call-to-action

A requirement gathering is of the extreme important to engrave a good proposal. In this you need to ask the correct specific questions to understand exactly what the client wants and then feature all this information into a polished, consistent and compelling proposal. On the basis of different Mobile Applications, different proposals will be prepared accordingly. However, if you do the analysis of each proposal you will find some core principles to be same.

Seems STILL CONFUSED!!! On how to write the proposal regarding Mobile App Development?! Don’t’ get panic! As for your purpose we have collected some of the “how-to” kind of tips for preparing the Mobile App Development Proposal. We consider top three cornerstones to every great mobile app development proposal:

  1. Scope

Scope narrates to the parameters of the project e.g. what you’ll be developing? In app development companies of India the scope of a project will relay to the features and functionality of the mobile app. Like how many features are there? What do the features do? Such questions should be answered in the scope section.

Depending on the client, and the difficulty of the mobile app development project, the scope may need to be very detailed pre-sale – This means that the customer may want to know exactly what they’re getting from the outset before the sale is made. This can be complicated as it can take a lot of time to create a detailed scope.

Such detailed scoping at the beginning of the project reassures the client that you recognize how to plan and execute complex mobile app development projects.

  1. Time Scale

Many of the clients need the things yesterday whereas some have a pre-determined time scale they require to work to. Hence it’s necessary for you to gather this information at an early stage so you can assertively say in your mobile app development proposal that you can deliver the project on time.

Over again, it helps to split your project down into stages and be in fact clear with the client as to when things will be delivered – setting expectations can never be underestimated, mainly at the crucial pre-sale stage. Indicating a detailed times scale shows your potential client that you’ve done this before and recognized it as how to manage the mobile app development process from design and development through the testing, launching and support.

  1. Cost

Costing is possibly the most important part of your proposal, and most likely the first thing your potential client will look at. When you’re a naive mobile app developer it’s easy to underestimate your services and try to win work by being cheap – it’s how many of mobile app developers build up their track record. This can direct to a lot of stress when you understand the project might be unprofitable. Regardless of the client your cost should be honest and fair.

Final Words

Any mobile app development proposal should cover scope, cost and time scale. To create more interesting Proposal add lots of innovative new ideas into it to make it the best & that which convince your client too.


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